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Sold by the cubic yard in half yard increments. Semi pricing available for drop ship delivery (70-85 yards).


Please refer to physical product sample for most accurate color.

All products are sold by the cubic yard available in half yard increments.

If you are in need of a smaller quantity, you may purchase by the 5 gallon pail, tote, or 30 gallon garbage can (must bring own containers).


Below our list of products, you will find our Mulch FAQ.

Single Processed Hardwood

Red Cedar

Gold Colored Mulch


Double Processed Hardwood

Red Cedar

Red Colored

Black Colored Mulch

Premium Chocolate Mulch

ADA Certified
Playground Mulch

Brown Colored Mulch

Mulch FAQ

How do I choose mulch or rock?

It is a personal preference, each product has different color varieties.  Some try to match colors from their siding or shutters, and some like to contrast.  Bring in a siding sample, and we will help you pick out the perfect stone or mulch.


What do I do if I need to try to match an existing mulch bed?

Please bring in a small container that holds about 5 handfuls of mulch.


How much do I need?

You will need to measure the length and width of each bed you are looking to cover.  We can then help you calculate how much you need. 


Do you provide samples?

Yes, we encourage you to take home your narrowed down selection of mulch to ensure it is the perfect choice.


**Actual product may vary. Please view sample in person prior to selection.**