Professional Ice Melters And Rock Salt


Mega Melt ProSlicer

This winter, when you are faced with the tough job of selecting an effective ice melter, you need a product that will perform even under the most severe conditions. Dvorak’s recommends Mega Melt®ProSlicer®. Mega Melt® ProSlicer®performs to specifications almost immediately. When applied to a snow-covered surface, ProSlicer® quickly begins to dissolve and penetrate snow pack and ice. The bond between the ice and pavement is then broken, which allows loosened ice and snow to be easily removed. Because of the advanced formulation, ProSlicer® will maintain a residual which can prevent ice and snow from bonding to the surface. This product is designed for general use on roadways, sidewalks, entry ways, and parking areas.

• Effective down to -20°F
• Environmentally Safer for Vegetation, Animals & Humans when Applied Properly
• Safer for concrete and less corrosive
• Calcium/Sodium Chloride Blend with Corn Syrup Activator
• No Oily Residue on Carpets & Flooring
• Less Indoor Tracking
• Safer Than Rock Salt
• Fastest to Liquefy, Fastest to Activate

Mega Melt Halite Crystals

For a more economical choice, Dvorak Landscape Supply suggests Mega Melt® Halite Crystals rock salt. Mega Melt® Halite Crystals is a natural rock salt that is screened and dried to provide optimal performance. It's easy to use, store, and apply. Its effectiveness at keeping parking lots and sidewalks clear makes it the cornerstone in most snow removal programs. It can be used alone or with an additive, depending upon weather conditions.

This product’s unique blend of rock salt provides the smaller crystals that will melt on contact and the larger crystals that will bore through the snow or ice to melt on the surface which can break the bond.

• Effective down to +5°F
• Most Economical Deicer
• Safe to Handle/Will Not Burn
• Small Uniform-Sized Salt Crystals
• Easy Flow and Spread Application
• New Blue Color Tracer Won’t Stain or Track (Also available in white)
• No Oily Residue

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