We carry a full line of professional sprayable selective and non-selective herbicides.  If you do not see what you are looking for listed below, please contact us.  We can special order or provide a comparable alternative.

Crabgrass Control/Pre-Emergent Herbicides

Drive XLR8
Use when crabgrass is present eliminates crabgrass. (covers 1 acre)  Available in 0.5 gallon.  Label  MSDS

Quinclorac 75 DFP
Same active ingredient as Drive. (covers 1 acre)  Available in 1 lb dry flowable powder.

Dimension 2EW
Crabgrass control plus pre-emergent spray for beds.  Available in 0.5 gallon & 2.5 gallon.  Label  MSDS

Treflan 5g & Trammel 5g
Granular; Controls weeds and annual grasses in landscapes; Selective herbicide. (0.5 acre/bag)  Available 40# bag.  Label  MSDS

Snapshot® 2.5G
The Best!!  Granular; Great for thistles; Controls weeds and annual grasses in landscapes; Selective herbicide; Combination of Treflan and Gallery.  Available in 50# bag.  Spec Sheet  Label  MSDS

Sprayable pre-emergent.  Usually 1.5-3oz per 1000 sq ft.  Available in 2.5 gallon.  Label  MSDS


Weed Control and Selective Herbicides

Mec Amine-D®
3-way herbicide to control thistles, dandelions, broadleaf weeds and other varieties of unwanted weeds in your lawn or pastures.  Available in 1 gallon, 2.5 gallon, or 30 gallon drum.  Label  MSDS

Chaser® 2 Amine
Triclopyr, 2,4-D; Ester-Hotter herbicide for hard to kill weeds; Commercial Applications: Athletic Fields, Parks, & Golf Courses.  Best used in spring & fall.  Available in 2.5 gallon.  Label  MSDS

Escalade 2
Premium 3-way herbicide; Fluroxypyr, 2,4-D & Dicamba, Great for clover; Works well in warm season.  Available in 2.5 gallon.  Spec Sheet  Label  MSDS

Four Speed
4-Way ester of 2,4-D, Pyraflufen-ethyl, Dicamba, & Triclopyr; 3 Hour Rain Fast; Controls clover, ground ivy and thistle.  Available in 1 gallon.  Spec Sheet  Label  MSDS

Battleship® III
MCPA, Triclopyr, Fluroxypr; Non-2,4-D.  Available in 2.5 gallon.  Spec Sheet  Label  MSDS

3-way Herbicide w/ pH Buffer/Surfactant; 2,4-D, MCCP & Dicamba.  Available in 1 gallon and 2.5 gallon.  Spec Sheet  Label  MSDS

On Deck
2,4-D, Dicamba; Free acid formulation; No Odor.  Available in 2.5 gallon.  Spec Sheet  Label  MSDS

Square One
Controls broadleaf weeds on newly seeded turf; can be applied one day before seeding or up to 7 days after.  Available in 0.5# Jar.  Label  MSDS

Pre-emergent to keep weeds from germinating; safe to use on established or newly seeded turf.  Available in 8oz. jar.  Label  MSDS


Total Kill (Non-Selective)

Roundup PROMAX® & Roundup
Total kill for grassy vegetation, non-selective herbicide, kills anything green. 30 minute rain fast. Great for spot spraying weeds around trees, fence rows, decks, and landscapes.  Available in 1.67 gallon.  Spec Sheet  Label  MSDS

Roundup Custom
53.8% Salt of Glyphosate; Also aquatic use (water lilies and cattails). 1 hour rain fast.  Available in 2.5 gallon & 30 gallon drum.  Spec Sheet  Label  MSDS

Roundup QuikPRO
Total kill for grassy vegetation, non-selective herbicide, kills anything green.  Just add to water.  Available in 5 - 1.5oz dry packets.  Spec Sheet  Label  MSDS

Buccaneer Plus™
41% glyphosate; Same active ingredient as Roundup.  Available in 2.5 gallon.  Label  MSDS

Quick control and burn down of weeds; Pelargonic Acid.  Available in 2.5 gallon.  Label  MSDS

Dual-action herbicide combines prodiamine (active ingredient in Barricade) and glyphosate (active ingredient in Round Up) into one convenient formulation.  It offers pre- and post-emergence with a 3 to 6 months residual control. One application is often all you need; it reduces the cost and damage associated with mechanical trimmers and decreases labor inputs.  Available in 64oz container.  Spec Sheet  Label  MSDS


Total Kill for Woody Vegetation

Tordon® RTU (Ready to Use)
This product is ready-to-use and effectively kills cut stumps when you are cleaning out fence lines.  No mixing or measuring required.  Available in 1 quart. (12 per case)  Label  MSDS

Garlon® 4 Ultra
Controls woody vegetation in fence rows, gets rid of unwanted trees, saplings with one quick spray. Great for clearing woods, wood edges, pastures and CRP Ground.  Available in 2.5 gallon.  Label  MSDS

Pathway RTU
Ready to Use; Trees, saplings, & stumps.  Available in 2.5 gallon.  Label  MSDS

Element 4 Ultra
Woody vegetation; (Same active ingredient as Garlon 4; Better Value) 61.6% Triclopyr.  Available in 2.5 gallon.  Label  MSDS

Same active ingredient as Garlon; 29.4% Triclopyr.  Available in 1 gallon.  Label  MSDS



Diquat E Pro 2L (Aquatic)
Total Kill for Land and Water; Aquatic "Roundup"; Non-toxic to fish and wildlife; Weeds and Grasses; Add surfactant.  Available in 1 gallon.  Label  MSDS

Roundup Custom
53.8% Salt of Glyphosate; Also aquatic use (water lilies and cattails).  Available in 2.5 gallon & 30 gallon drum.  Label  MSDS

Blue Liquid Aquatic Dye; We have tried the rest, but this is the best! Long lasting.  Available in 1 gallon.  Label  MSDS

Cutrine®-Plus Liquid
Concentrated liquid algaecide; Controls chara, nitella, and other algae.  Available in 1 gallon & 2.5 gallon.  Label  MSDS

Cutrine®-Plus Granular
Granular algaecide ideally suited for bottom growing algae.  Available in 30# bag.  Label  MSDS

Surfactants, Anti-Drift Agents, and pH Buffers

LI700 Super Sticker
Add to your tank mixes, controls drifting of sprayable products and accelerates the action of the sprayable herbicides Available in 1 gallon and 2.5 gallon.  Label  MSDS

Bark Oil Blue
Blue Marking Dye; For use with Tordon, Garlon, & Element.  Available in 2 gallon.  Label  MSDS

Induce® pH
Mix in tank; water turns amber when pH is reached.  Available in 1 gallon and 2.5 gallon.  Label  MSDS



Talstar Xtra Verge
Granular - kills ants, ticks & cut worms.  150-200 lbs. per acre.  Available in 25# bag.  Label  MSDS

Bifenthrin I/T
Liquid - 0.5oz per 2.5 gallon sprayer.  Available in 1 gallon.  Label  MSDS

Safari 20SG
For Emerald Ash Borer; Systemic basal trunk spray. (12oz/gallon)  Available in 3# container.  Label  MSDS



Clearys 3336 D6
Granular; usage depends on the disease; Controls and prevents Brown Patch, Dollar Spot and Red Thread in turf.  Apply before you have a problem!  2-6 lbs/1000 sq. ft.  Available in 30# bag.  Label  MSDS

Granular; 3 different fungicides in one bag, this does it all!  3 lbs/1000 sq. ft.  Available in 30# bag.  Label  MSDS