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Athletic Field Supplies

• Custom Seed Mixes, 80/20 Mixes, Straight Blue Grasses
• Professional Fertilizers
• Marking Chalk
• Turf Top Dress Products
• Pro’s Choice® Products for infield, warning tracks & water management

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Red Infield Conditioner

Designed to meet the challenges of wet, dry or compacted infields. This durable granule helps create passageways for drainage and eliminate compaction for truer bounces and safer play.

• 50 lb bags, 40 bags/pallet

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Select Red Infield Conditioner

This premium infield conditioner keeps infields smooth, safe and resilient. Its specially sized granules and red color makes the perfect infield topdressing.

• 50 lb bags, 40 bags/pallet

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Easy Mound Packing Clay

This deep reddish brown packing clay is ideal for quick and easy building and repairing common wear areas on pitcher’s mounds and batter’s boxes.

• 40 lb bags, 50 bags/pallet

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Diamond White Chalk.png

Diamond White Chalk

Made from the highest quality calcium carbonate (marble dust). Conforms to all “safe-use” requirements of the consumer safety act, NCAA & NFHS official rules and all known Little League rules.

• 50 lb bags, 60 bags/pallet

Superfine Lime.png

Superfine Marking Lime

Finely ground lime. Great value for striping fields.

• 50 lb bags, 48 bags/pallet


Athletic Striping Paint by Aervoe

We’ve tested them all, and this is the best that lasts! Highly pigmented formulation that is safe for all surfaces including grass. It will not cause leaf yellowing, root damage, or burn grass on athletic surfaces. Dries to the touch in 15 minutes. One case of aerosol paint will yield a 4-inch stripe approximately 800 linear feet.

• 20oz Can with 18oz Fill

• Stocked in White

How Much Does 1 Bag Cover?

For quantity needed, one 50 lb bag of chalk will stripe approximately 300’ of a 2” wide and 1/16” thick line.